Recommended applicant data by countries - Identity reports

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This page lists the recommended applicant data by countries for Identity reports versions 3.5 and above.

These inputs are recommended to improve match rates when applicable.

Name Alpha-3 Region Sub-Region Phone Number ID Number ID Number Type Supported
Argentina ARG Americas South America Required Identity Card
Australia AUS Oceania Australia and New Zealand Recommended Recommended Passport, Driving License, Other (Foreign Passport)
Belgium BEL Europe Western Europe Recommended
Brazil BRA Americas South America Recommended Required Tax ID (CPF, CNPJ)
Canada CAN Americas Northern America Recommended Recommended Social Insurance
China CHN Asia Eastern Asia Recommended Required Identity Card
France FRA Europe Western Europe Recommended
Germany DEU Europe Western Europe Recommended
India IND Asia Southern Asia Required Voter ID, Driving License, Tax ID (PAN)
Italy ITA Europe Southern Europe Recommended Recommended Tax ID
Mexico MEX Americas Central America Required Identity Card (CURP), Tax ID (RFC)
Netherlands NLD Europe Western Europe Recommended
Norway NOR Europe Northern Europe Recommended
Singapore SGP Asia South-Eastern Asia Required Identity Card (NRIC)
South Africa ZAF Africa Southern Africa Recommended Required Identity Card
Spain ESP Europe Southern Europe Recommended Recommended Identity Card (NIF, DNI, NIE)
Sweden SWE Europe Northern Europe Recommended Required Identity Card (PIN)
Switzerland CHE Europe Western Europe Recommended
Turkey TUR Asia Western Asia Required Identity Card