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Getting Started

Onfido’s Real Identity Platform enables you to build powerful identity verification workflows through our suite of document and biometric verifications, fraud detection signals and compliance solutions in order to securely onboard new customers.

The introductory guides found here provide a solid overview of the Onfido ecosystem, and include a step-by-step tutorial walking you through the creation of a simple identity verification.

You will also find a complete overview of Onfido Studio, our orchestration tool for building, managing and deploying identity verification workflows.

These introductory guides will have you securely onboarding new customers in no time!

Your journey starts here

Delve into our introductory guides

Getting started with Onfido

A comprehensive overview of Onfido’s Real Identity Platform.

Quick start guide

A step-by-step guide to building your first identity verification flow.

Studio product guide

Everything you need to know about our workflow orchestration platform.