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API v3 to v3.6 migration guide

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The following short guide is for migrating from API v3 to API v3.6 and supplements our API reference documentation. If you're migrating from API v2 to API v3.6, you should read our separate API v2->v3.6 migration guide instead of this one. For a list of the new features in API v3.6, please see our release notes.

If you have any difficulties migrating, please email Onfido's Customer Support.

Summary of differences

Base URL

The base URL for the European region has changed to api.eu.onfido.com with API v3.1 onwards.

If you're deployed in the European region, and have used api.onfido.com with API v3, then you should use the new base URL api.eu.onfido.com with API v3.6.

You can read more about our supported regions.

Check creation

There is new required applicant data for creating a check since API v3.4.


We have introduced a new location parameter in the applicant and documents resource for specifying the location of an applicant since API v3.4.

The location parameter is mandatory for all applicants in order to create a check with Onfido using API v3.4 onwards. If you do not provide it, all check requests will fail with a validation error.

We have introduced a new consents parameter in the applicant resource.

The consents parameter is mandatory for any applicant who is located in the US in order to create a check with Onfido using API v3.4 onwards. If you do not provide the consents parameter, and the location of the applicant is the US, all checks will fail with a validation error.

The privacy_notices_read_consent_given parameter no longer exists in check creation.

You can read our Onfido privacy notices and consent migration guide for further guidance on how to update your integration to collect end user consent in API 3.6.

Versioning policy

Our versioning policy has changed for v3.6 onwards, you can read about in our versioning policy page.

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