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Recommended data inputs for Identity Enhanced reports


The following table lists the supported countries and recommended applicant data to be submitted for Identity Enhanced reports for API v3.5 and above.

Please reach out to your sales representative directly for a detailed overview of the exact database sources Onfido has access to by country.

NameAlpha-3RegionSub-RegionFirst NameLast NameDate of BirthFull AddressPhone NumberNational ID NumberNational ID TypesID number type (in applicant object)**Input formatFormat example
ArgentinaARGAmericasSouth AmericaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredDocumento Nacional de Identidad (DNI)8 digit code. The DNI is also included as part of the CUIL: digits three through ten. For example, if the CUIL is 88-10563145-8, the DNI is 10563145. The DNI should be provided as all digits: no dashes or other special characters10563145
AustraliaAUSOceaniaAustralia and New ZealandRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRecommendedPassport, Driving License, Foreign Passportpassport, driving_licence, otherPassport - 8 or 9 digits: 1 or 2 letters followed by 7 digits
Driving License - Varies by province/state. Issuing province also required in the "province" field, along with the Card Number as a separate message using "code": "CARD_NUMBER"
Foreign passport - any valid passport number with a valid AU Visa
Passport - P0000000 or PA0000000
Driving License - 01234567, 012345678 or A012345
AustriaAUTEuropeWestern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
BelgiumBELEuropeWestern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommended
BrazilBRAAmericasSouth AmericaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredCPF, CNPJCPF - 14 digit code
CNPJ - 18 digit code
CPF - 000.000.000-00
CNPJ - 00.000.000/0001-00
CanadaCANAmericasNorthern AmericaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRecommendedSocial Insurance9 digit code123456789
ChileCHLAmericasSouth AmericaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredRUT / RUN numbers10 digit codeXXXXXXXX-Z
ChinaCHNAsiaEastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredResident Identity Card Number17 digits + 1 digit or letter, with parts corresponding to address, DOB, gender and a validation checkRRRRRRYYYYMMDDSSSC
ColombiaCOLAmericasSouth AmericaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredColombian Personal Identification Number8 or 10 digit code2131234321 or 213.123.432-1
Czech RepublicCZEEuropeEastern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommendedNational identification number (Rodné číslo)
DenmarkDNKEuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredCPR11 digits, the first 6 digits correspond to DOBDDMMYY-0000
FinlandFINEuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredPersonal identity code"DDMMYY" is the date of birth, "C" is the century sign, "ZZZ" the individual number and "Q" the control character (checksum)DDMMYYCZZZQ
FranceFRAEuropeWestern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommended
GermanyDEUEuropeWestern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommended
GhanaGHAAfricaWestern AfricaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredPassport, SSNIT, Driver's License, Voter IDpassport, social_insurance, driving_licence, voter_idPassport - 8 characters
SSNIT - 13 characters
Driver's License - 8 characters
Voter ID - 10 characters
Passport - G0000000
SSNIT - C000000000000
Driver's License - B0000000
Voter ID - 0000000000
GibraltarGIBEuropeSouthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
GreeceGRCEuropeSouthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
GuernseyGGYEuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Hong KongHKGAsiaEastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRecommendedHKID10 or 11 characters. "X" can be one or two letters (UH). "A" is a validation check which can be 1-9 and AX123456(A)
IndiaINDAsiaSouthern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredVoter ID (EPIC), Driver's License, Tax ID (PAN)voter_id, driving_licence, tax_idVoter ID - 10 characters. The first three are alphabetic characters and the last seven are numeric characters
Driver's License - 16 characters. The first two characters are upper case letters, the next two characters are digits that represent the RTO code, the next four characters are digits that represent the license issued year, and the next seven characters are any digits from 0-9
Tax ID - 10 characters. The first five characters are letters, followed by four numerals, and the last (tenth) character is a letter
Voter ID - ABC0000000
Driver's License - HR-0619850034761 or HR06 19850034761
Tax ID - AAAPL1234C
IndonesiaIDNAsiaSouth-Eastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredNational ID (Nomor Induk Kependudukan)16 digits. For females, DD is day of birth + 40XXXXXXDDMMYYXXXX
IrelandIRLEuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Isle of ManIMNEuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
ItalyITAEuropeSouthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRecommendedTax ID (Codice Fiscale)Alphanumeric characters based on gender, birthplace, first name and last nameSSSNNNYYMDDZZZZX
JapanJPNAsiaEastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRecommended"My number" / Resident Record code11 charactersXXXXXXXXXXX
JerseyJEYEuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
KenyaKENAfricaEastern AfricaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredNational ID (Huduma Namba), Passport, Alien Cardidentity_card, passport, otherNational ID (Huduma Namba) - 10 characters
Passport - 8 characters
Alien Card - 6 characters
National ID (Huduma Namba) - 123456789
Passport - 00000000
Alien Card - 000000
LuxembourgLUXEuropeWestern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommendedRecommendedSocial Security
MalaysiaMYSAsiaSouth-Eastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredNRIC14 characters: 6 digits in front corresponding to DOB, SS are Province details and G is a gender-based digitYYMMDD-SS-123G
MexicoMEXAmericasCentral AmericaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredCURP, RFCCURP - 18 characters
RFC - 13 characters
NetherlandsNLDEuropeWestern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommended
New ZealandNZLOceaniaAustralia and New ZealandRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***8 charactersVV123456
NigeriaNGAAfricaWestern AfricaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredIdentification Number Document (formerly known as National Identification Number (NIN)), Voter ID, Driver's License, TIN, BVN, CACidentification_number_document, voter_id, driving_licence, tax_id, otherIdentification Number Document - 11 characters
Voter ID - 19 characters
Driver's License - 12 characters
TIN - 13 characters
BVN - 11 characters
CAC - 7 characters
Identification Number Document - XXXXXXXXXXX
Driver's License - ABCXXXXXXXXX
NorwayNOREuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***Recommended
PhilippinesPHLAsiaSouth-Eastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredRequiredPhilSys Card Number (PCN)12 characters1234-567-8912-3
PolandPOLEuropeEastern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredPESEL number11 characters: YYMMDD is the DOB, ZZZX is the personal identification number, where X codes gender (even number for females, odd number for males) and Q is a check digitYYMMDDZZZXQ
PortugalPRTEuropeSouthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommendedRecommendedTax number (Número de Identificação Fiscal)
RomaniaROUEuropeEastern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedPersonal Numerical Code (CNP)All numeric characters with gender, dob, location and validation infoGYYMMDDZZSSSC
SingaporeSGPAsiaSouth-Eastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredNRIC9 characters@xxxxxxx#
SlovakiaSVKEuropeEastern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
South AfricaZAFAfricaSouthern AfricaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredNational ID13 numeric characters with gender, dob, citizenship and validation infoYYMMDDSSSSCAZ
SpainESPEuropeSouthern EuropeRequiredRequired*RequiredRequired***RecommendedRecommendedNIF/DNI, NIENIF/DNI - 10 characters
NIE - 11 characters
NIF/DNI - 00000000-A
NIE - X-0000000-A
SwedenSWEEuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedRequiredPersonal Identification Number (PIN)13 numeric characters with DOB and gender infoYYYYMMDD-NNGC
SwitzerlandCHEEuropeWestern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRecommended
TurkeyTURAsiaWestern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredTurkish Identification Number11 characters11111111111
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandGBREuropeNorthern EuropeRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
United States of AmericaUSAAmericasNorthern AmericaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RecommendedSocial Security Number (SSN), Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)ssn, tax_id11 characters123-45-6789
VietnamVNMAsiaSouth-Eastern AsiaRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired***RequiredRecommendedNational ID (NIN)9 to 12 digits. 9 digits are older national IDsXXX G YY XXXXXX

* Double last name prefered

** Empty cells mean any ID type can be used to enter this number

*** To improve match rates, please provide as many address fields in the applicant's address object as possible. This includes street, building number, town, state or province, postcode and country

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