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Customers integrating using Onfido Studio can authenticate the SDK using tokens generated and exposed in the workflow run payload returned by the API when a workflow run is created.

Customers integration without the use of Onfido Studio must authenticate the SDK by manually generating an SDK token using the Onfido API.

Onfido Flutter SDK Migration Guide

The guides below are provided to ease the transition of existing applications using the Onfido SDK from one version to another that introduces breaking API changes.

If your migration involves upgrading across multiple SDK versions, be sure to read each individual guide in order to account for all relevant breaking changes.

5.1.0 -> 6.0.0

Breaking Changes

  • Motion is now supported on all devices. Motion capture fallback configuration has therefore been removed.
  • supportDarkMode and bubbleErrorBackgroundColor properties have been removed from IOSAppearance

Migration Steps

  • If you currently set withCaptureFallback on FaceCapture.motion, then you should be aware that this configuration is no longer available, so you can safely remove it from your integration code.
  • Please use onfidoTheme instead of supportDarkMode.

3.3.0 -> 4.0.0

Breaking Changes

The previous implementation used the FaceCaptureType enum to define the face capture method. The new implementation replaces the FaceCaptureType enum with the abstract FaceCapture class and its subclasses for different capture methods.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is now enabled by default and offered to customers when both the document and the device support NFC. To disable NFC, please refer to our NFC reference guide.

Migration Steps

  1. Replace the FaceCaptureType enum with the corresponding FaceCapture factory constructors:
  • Replace FaceCaptureType.photo with FaceCapture.photo().
  • Replace FaceCaptureType.video with FaceCapture.video().
  • If integrating the Motion capture, use FaceCapture.motion().
  1. Update the face capture configurations based on the new implementation. See the updated documentation for FlowSteps.faceCapture in the readme file for details on the new configuration options and their usage.

By following these steps, you can successfully migrate to the new FlowSteps.faceCapture implementation and take advantage of the additional configurations offered.