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Customers integrating using Onfido Studio can authenticate the SDK using tokens generated and exposed in the workflow run payload returned by the API when a workflow run is created.

Customers integration without the use of Onfido Studio must authenticate the SDK by manually generating an SDK token using the Onfido API.

Breaking Changes

This documents the breaking changes between the Web SDK v13.7.0 and the Web SDK v14+.

General changes

  • The "split bundle" library will no longer be available on npm. Please use the default npm package instead.
  • The separate style.css import is no longer required as the Onfido stylesheet is included in the main library.
  • The import changed from import { init } from 'onfido-sdk-ui' to import { Onfido } from 'onfido-sdk-ui'

Visual & Flow changes

  • The default screen size of the Web SDK has changed on desktop: Until version 13 510px x 598px

    1width: 94vw;
    2max-width: 32em;
    3height: 37.5em;
    4// Results in width: 510px, height: 598px (by 16px font-size)

    From version 14 onwards - 600px x 800px

    1width: 100%;
    2height: 100%;
    3max-width: 600px;
    4max-height: 800px;
    5min-height: 600px;
  • The "Capture Guide" screen has moved earlier in the document capture flow

  • The "Completion" screens at the end of the cross-device flow have been streamlined and no longer show differences between the document and face capture steps

  • Cross-device flow change: the user is now prevented from going cross-device after the first side (front) has already been captured. The full capture flow has to be either on the desktop or on the mobile device

  • The crossDeviceClientIntroProductName subtitle customization option has been deprecated. Please use the standard language customization process to override the entire subtitle

  • Merger of options _crossDeviceLinkMethods: ['qr_code' | 'copy_link' | 'sms'] and _initialCrossDeviceLinkView into _initialCrossDeviceLinkView: ['qr_code', 'copy_link', 'sms'] where the default cross-device option is the first element in the list. Note the change in separators from | to ,

Onfido.init() parameters

  • onUserExit has been deprecated and the user_consent_denied type is now returned in the onError callback
  • Ability for the Web SDK to self-load in a modal has been deprecated:
    • onModalRequestClose
    • useModal
    • isModalOpen
    • shouldCloseOnOverlayClick
    • autoFocusOnInitialScreenTitle
  • Removal of uploadFallback option for the document and face steps. This feature is now only configurable in the Onfido systems.
  • useMemoryHistory has been deprecated
  • handle.setOptions() has been deprecated, no longer allowing changing options after bootstrapping the SDK
  • The fallback options under the face step now only occur on the mobile session of a user as all fallbacks due to device capabilities will always trigger a cross-device flow first.
  • tearDown now returns a Promise
  • safeTearDown has been deprecated, please use tearDown instead